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Toyota Land Cruiser 60 1984

55,366 milesManual4WD3,400 cc
A/C No Accidents+ 1 more

Car price

US $48,247

Total price (C&F)

US $51,782

Mitsubishi Fuso Fighter 1993

123,380 milesManual2WD8,200 cc
Audio System Floor Mat+ 5 more

Car price

US $20,279

Total price (C&F)

US $29,982

Honda N360 1971

52,080 milesManual2WD360 cc

Car price

US $12,815

Total price (C&F)

US $16,250

Toyota Land Cruiser 40 1982

86,800 milesManual2WD3,200 cc

Car price

US $50,339

Total price (C&F)

US $53,874

Subaru Sambar Dias Van 1997

66,960 milesManual4WD660 cc
A/C Lie-flat Seat+ 2 more

Car price

US $7,990

Total price (C&F)

US $9,863

Daihatsu Atrai Wagon 1999

77,128 milesAutomatic4WD660 cc
A/C Airbag+ 10 more

Car price

US $2,000

Total price (C&F)

US $3,559

Honda Beat 1995

45,260 milesManual2WD660 cc
Airbag ETC

Car price

US $12,094

Total price (C&F)

US $13,299

Toyota Sera 1990

130,200 milesManual2WD1,500 cc

Car price

US $4,786

Total price (C&F)

US $7,121

Mitsubishi Minicab 1993

37,530.46 milesManual4WD660 cc
A/C OK for USA+ 3 more

Car price

US $900

Total price (C&F)

US $2,691

Nissan Datsun Pickup 1997

48,112 milesManual4WD2,400 cc
A/C Cassette+ 4 more

Car price

US $12,652

Total price (C&F)

US $16,587

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Guts 1995

62,000 milesManual2WD2,800 cc
A/C Power Steering+ 2 more

Car price

US $9,956

Total price (C&F)

US $14,091

Toyota Hilux 1993

92,442 milesAutomatic4WD3,000 cc
A/C Lifted Up+ 6 more

Car price

US $12,737

Total price (C&F)

US $16,472

Nissan Diesel UD Condor 1994

61,442 milesManual2WD4,600 cc
A/C Maintenance Record+ 3 more

Car price

US $14,644

Total price (C&F)

US $22,779

Isuzu Vehicross 1998

66,030 milesAutomatic4WD3,200 cc
A/C ABS+ 5 more

Car price

US $12,194

Total price (C&F)

US $14,857

Toyota Hilux Surf 1988

151,280 milesManual4WD2,000 cc
A/C No Accidents+ 2 more

Car price

US $13,902

Total price (C&F)

US $17,437

Nissan Atlas 1995

125,612 milesManual2WD4,600 cc
A/C ABS+ 4 more

Car price

US $9,195

Total price (C&F)

US $12,930

Suzuki Kei 1998

93,521.42 milesAutomatic2WD660 cc
A/C Airbag+ 7 more

Car price

US $630

Total price (C&F)

US $2,146

Nissan Gloria Sedan 1980

40,920 milesManual2WD2,000 cc
A/C Alloy Wheels+ 4 more

Car price

US $21,909

Total price (C&F)

US $25,044

Subaru Vivio 1993

37,510 milesAutomatic4WD660 cc
A/C Alloy Wheels+ 4 more

Car price

US $3,800

Total price (C&F)

US $6,135

Toyota Dyna Van 1997

53,884.82 milesAutomatic2WD2,800 cc
A/C Navigation System+ 2 more

Car price

US $8,053

Total price (C&F)

US $12,605
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JDM cars have unique styles and attitudes that will turn heads wherever you go. From sleek and sporty to vintage and classic, these vehicles come in various trims and models to suit any car enthusiast's needs. Looking for JDM cars for sale?

Let's break down these cars' ins and outs, why they're an excellent choice for car shoppers looking for something special, and where to find old JDM cars for sale.

What Is a JDM Car?

JDM stands for "Japanese Domestic Market," which refers to cars tailored to meet Japan's car regulations and standards. These vehicles are produced and sold exclusively within Japan. They are typically high-performance models and often come with unique features unavailable elsewhere.

Many car enthusiasts in the United States are passionate about Japanese used cars, notably some popular JDM car models from Honda, Toyota, and especially Nissan JDM cars. Want to import Japanese cars into your country? You will need to know the import regulations for these particular vehicles.

Benefits of Owning a JDM Car

Whether you decide to buy new or used JDM cars, they will come with these benefits:


Japanese-made vehicles are highly reliable, no doubt about that. They are engineered to last so that you can drive them for years. From routine oil changes and brake service to major repairs, you can expect your JDM car to hold up to the test of time.

Higher Resale Value

JDM cars are highly sought-after vehicles, so you can expect to get great value for your car years down the line. With proper maintenance and care, there won't be a drastic reduction in the JDM cars price. If it's in good condition, it'll fetch a reasonable price.

Fuel efficiency

JDM cars are designed to be fuel-efficient. With their smaller engines and lightweight construction, they produce excellent gas mileage, which helps you save money at the pump. You can get Nissan or Toyota JDM cars for reliable and fuel-efficient service. It's a significant investment that will pay off for years to come.

Why Should You Buy JDM Cars Directly from Japan?

If you are looking for JDM cars for sale in USA or other countries, it's better to buy them directly from Japan. "Why," you may ask.

Buying from Japan is cheaper

The Japanese government has implemented strict environmental laws that limit the amount of CO2 emission allowed on the roads, making it financially unfeasible to keep using old cars. As a result, Japanese people buy new cars frequently when released and sell their old cars at very affordable prices.

Moreover, the fees for keeping or disposing of used cars are also quite expensive. Japanese people also don't like to use secondhand items. So, they are more than happy to get rid of their old cars at a bargain price. All these factors combine to make buying JDM cars directly from Japan incredibly cost-effective.

Availability of best-quality cars

Japan is renowned for its excellent engineering and manufacturing standards, making JDM cars some of the most reliable and durable vehicles you can find. The range of options available in the Japanese car market is unparalleled, allowing you to find the perfect car for your needs.

By buying directly from Japan, you can ensure that you're receiving the best from one of the most trusted automotive countries in the world. And if that weren't enough, you're sure to benefit from great prices and a wide selection of models, thanks to Japan's deep inventory of used cars.

Better-maintained cars

Thanks to Japan's culture, sending your car for regular maintenance is the norm. So you can be sure that you'll get a car that's been well taken care of. Japanese drivers tend to be more mindful of their vehicles. It means they're more likely to look after them and keep them in top shape.

Plus, Japanese cars typically have lower mileage than cars from other countries of the same year model. It's because people in Japan often rely on public transportation for their daily commute, leaving cars for weekend use.

So, when you're getting your JDM car from Japan, you can rest assured that you'll be getting a reliable vehicle with no hidden surprises. If you're looking for a car that's been looked after and has low mileage, buying directly from Japan is your best bet.

JDM Cars for Sale: Where to Buy

The best place for JDM cars to buy is to import these vehicles from a Japanese seller.

If you purchase from a seller directly, you can choose from a wide variety of Japanese cars for sale, such as drift cars, sports cars, trucks, and SUVs.

With thousands of cars available at a time on, the Japanese used cars for sale that you have been looking for is now at the palm of your hand. Our website is truly user-friendly, which makes the process of filtering, comparing and searching for items seem so effortless.

That valuable unit with unique options and reasonable price tag is now in our inventory, waiting for you to uncover.

You might question why importing a car directly from Japan is worth your consideration. There are two main reasons:

  • For vehicles from our Japanese dealers, the advantage is the unbeatable cost of cars from Japan. Sourced directly from Japanese auctions and end-users, our inventory can easily beat the US local dealers in terms of quality & prices.
  • Secondly, importing JDM cars for sale into the US is surprisingly simple. As long as the car passes the 25-year rule, JDM cars for sale can be legally imported with our provided documents. Do make sure to read through all the importing process from the US Customs website or talk to a local professional broker so as to have a smooth car clearing & registration.

The used JDM cars for sale in USA is waiting for you. Join us, JDM Export, now to make your dream of owning a JDM car come true!

User reviews on JDM Cars

Earl Campbell avatar
Earl CampbellflagUSA
Verified Buyer
I have picked up the car now, thank you very much as I am really enjoying the car , and with how rare they are in the US I am loving that everyone wants to take photos of the car
jason larmon avatar
jason larmonflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Me and my daughter taking our first ride!
After Delivery Pictures
Ross Dye avatar
Ross DyeflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Excellent customer service. Made first time online purchase easy and understandable. Would recommend and will use again.
After Delivery Pictures
Peter Ferraro avatar
Peter FerraroflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Great communication and a very smooth transaction.
After Delivery Pictures
Evgueni Stiajkine avatar
Evgueni StiajkineflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Unfortunately Hurricane flooded car in the warehouse before it was shipped! Car From Japan stuff handled it well, and sent me a full refund in timely matter! Will shop there again for sure! Thank You Jun!
Adam Wold avatar
Adam WoldflagUSA
Verified Buyer
I purchased my first with Car From Japan. I received car and it was in the described condition and came in a timely manner. Happy to do business again!
Thanks for your feedback. Hope we can do business again. Budget Holdings, Hiroshi
Nicholas Hedberg avatar
Nicholas HedbergflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Thank you again, Jun. The car arrived and cleared customs without issue. It runs great, and I'm completely satisfied with it. Best regards,
Phillip K Waters Jr. avatar
Phillip K Waters Jr.flagUSA
Verified Buyer
I received my Nissan Figaro! Thank you!
Adam Wold avatar
Adam WoldflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Thank you Ken, I also look forward to doing more business with you in the future. Have a good day as well -Adam
After Delivery Pictures
Verified Buyer
Dear Ken: I wanted to let you know that the silver/black Mini arrived safely and was delivered to us yesterday. I have not had time to check it out thoroughly, but it appears to be in very good condition and starts straight away. We would like to t... See more
After Delivery Pictures
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