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Toyota Land Cruiser 70 1986

69,440 milesManual4WD3,400 cc
Lifted Up Turbo+ 2 more

Car price

US $27,774

Total price (C&F)

US $31,649

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 1995

125,240 milesAutomatic4WD4,200 cc
A/C Alloy Wheels+ 4 more

Car price

US $27,639

Total price (C&F)

US $31,514

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 1991

173,600 milesAutomatic4WD4,200 cc
A/C Alloy Wheels+ 5 more

Car price

US $15,575

Total price (C&F)

US $20,110

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 1984

45,880 milesManual4WD3,400 cc
Power Steering

Car price

US $26,957

Total price (C&F)

US $30,832

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 1997

136,152 milesManual4WD4,200 cc
A/C Alloy Wheels+ 4 more

Car price

US $34,350

Total price (C&F)

US $38,225

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 1998

55,800 milesAutomatic4WD4,200 cc
A/C Alloy Wheels+ 3 more

Car price

US $76,498

Total price (C&F)

US $80,373

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 1997

135,284 milesManual4WD4,200 cc
A/C No Accidents+ 2 more

Car price

US $26,021

Total price (C&F)

US $29,896

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 1997

159,340 milesAutomatic4WD4,200 cc
Aero Parts DVD+ 8 more

Car price

US $20,384

Total price (C&F)

US $23,914

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 1998

121,520 milesAutomatic4WD4,200 cc
A/C Alloy Wheels+ 2 more

Car price

US $54,596

Total price (C&F)

US $58,471

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 1997

205,220 milesAutomatic4WD4,200 cc
A/C Maintenance Record+ 4 more

Car price

US $13,887

Total price (C&F)

US $17,762

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 1992

65,720 milesManual4WD3,500 cc
A/C Alloy Wheels+ 4 more

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 1996

104,656 milesManual4WD4,200 cc

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 1990

95,418 milesManual4WD3,500 cc
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Finding a vehicle that can withstand the rough conditions and demanding terrain of off-road adventures has always been challenging. But everything became easy in 1984 when Toyota introduced its Toyota Land Cruiser 70 series.

If you plan to take on any extreme off-road adventures, the Land Cruiser 70 is worth considering. With its iconic design and superior engineering, it's no wonder motorheads worldwide still seek and appreciate the car.

So, what makes it such a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts? Let's look closer at the SUV and its features.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70: The Ultimate Off-Road Machine

With various options available, the Land Cruiser 70 series will fulfill any off-roader's needs. Here are some of the few key features that make this large SUV so unique:


The interior of the car is spacious and comfortable. Its automatic cooling and heating systems let you control car temperature according to your needs.

Its 12.3-inch display lets you track your fuel economy, speed, and off-road data. The side pockets are enormous, and a cool box in the middle armrest can hold two water bottles.

The headroom and legroom behind the tall front passengers are superb, but the floor is relatively high. So, you won't have a comfortable journey if you are tall and sit in the rear row. There is not enough room to stretch the legs.


The vehicle's exterior exudes toughness and durability, with a boxy shape, large wheel arches, and a high ground clearance ideal for off-roading.

A bold grille dominates the front of the Land Cruiser 70 with a prominent Toyota badge in the center, flanked by two large round headlights.

Moving to the sides, the car features a classic SUV silhouette with a high roofline, squared-off fenders, and a long, flat hood. The vehicle is available in two- and four-door configurations, with the four-door model offering additional passenger and cargo space.

Engine and Transmission

The Land Cruiser 70 is a beast of a machine that boasts an impressive engine and transmission performance. Under the hood, it's powered by a 4.5-liter TURBO V8 diesel engine capable of producing an outstanding 151 kW of power and a whopping 430 Nm of torque. These impressive figures ensure that the vehicle has enough power to tackle the toughest off-road adventures easily.

The engine is expertly designed to provide a smooth and powerful driving experience, making it the perfect choice for those who need a reliable vehicle for off-road tracks.

In terms of transmission, the Land Cruiser 70 is equipped with a 4-speed automatic or 4/5-speed manual transmission that offers precise and smooth shifts. This means that drivers can expect a seamless and comfortable driving experience, no matter what terrain they are tackling. The manual transmission is an excellent choice for off-road enthusiasts who want more control when driving.


The SUV is built to last, and its dependability results from its high-quality engineering, durable components, and rigorous testing. The vehicle is designed to withstand extreme conditions and rough terrain.

Many owners have reported that they have been driving their Land Cruiser 70 for years without a single problem.

Fuel Efficiency

The Land Cruiser 70 is not only a powerful and capable off-road vehicle, but it also boasts impressive fuel efficiency. The 2022 model's fuel consumption is 10.7L/100km, making it ideal for those who want a powerful and economical vehicle.

This fuel economy is possible thanks to Toyota's advanced engineering and design, which ensures that the Land Cruiser 70 can deliver exceptional performance while using fuel smartly and efficiently.

Safety Rating

According to ANCAP, the 2022 model scored 88% COP and 89% AOP safety rating.

The Land Cruiser 70 has various modern safety features, including airbags, active safety systems, adaptive cruise control, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, traction control, and a tire pressure monitoring system to help keep you safe on the road.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 Price

The SUV is a popular off-road vehicle with a varying price tag depending on the trim level, year, and condition. For a brand-new Land Cruiser 70, the basic trim version typically costs around $80,000.

However, if you are on a budget or looking for a good deal, you can also find used Toyota Land Cruiser 70 models at prices ranging from $15,000 to $40,000.

It's worth noting that many car dealers import used Toyota Cruiser 70 models for sale. You can buy these models at a lower rate. As with any major purchase, it's essential to research and compare prices to find the best deal that fits your needs and budget.

The Toyota Land Cruiser 70 has a long-standing reputation for being a dependable, sturdy, and versatile off-road vehicle that has stood the test of time. With its impressive track record of success, the car has become a workhorse in the automotive industry, capable of efficiently handling even the most challenging terrain.

Whether you are looking for a reliable way to venture off the beaten path or need a trustworthy vehicle to take you and your family on your next adventure, the Land Cruiser 70 is a solid choice.

FAQ about Toyota Land Cruiser 70

How much does a used Toyota Land Cruiser 70 cost?
The price of Toyota Land Cruiser 70 ranges from $11,620 to $79,595. This doesn’t include the shipping cost to your port.
How to import Toyota Land Cruiser 70 from Japan to the USA?
You can follow these easy steps to purchase a Toyota Land Cruiser 70 from JDM Export and have it imported to your port in the USA.
What are the import taxes for used cars in the USA?
You should expect to pay 2.5% for a passenger car, and 25% for a truck as the tax of foreign-made vehicles imported to the U.S. This is calculated based on the vehicle price.

User reviews on Toyota Land Cruiser 70

William Hall avatar
William HallflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Thank you for the experience .. It was perfect, the worst thing about it was waiting for the model 70 to arrive . Like Christmas ... My broker (MontereyCar took care of the logistics. Perfect cannot be happier.I already have a c... See more
Croman Enterprises avatar
Croman EnterprisesflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Hi, I received my land cruiser and am really enjoying it so far. After jumping the battery it’s running really great. Austin Whitaker
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