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Toyota Soarer 1991

11,160 milesManual2WD2,500 cc
Airbag Alloy Wheels+ 2 more

Car price

US $24,099

Total price (C&F)

US $26,874

Toyota Soarer 1981

43,400 milesAutomatic2WD2,000 cc
A/C ETC+ 5 more

Car price

US $28,008

Total price (C&F)

US $31,443

Toyota Soarer 1993

73,780 milesAutomatic-2,500 cc
Power Steering Power Window+ 1 more

Car price

US $4,721

Total price (C&F)

US $7,696

Toyota Soarer 1988

58,900 milesAutomatic-2,000 cc
Alloy Wheels Power Steering+ 1 more

Car price

US $26,004

Total price (C&F)

US $28,779

Toyota Soarer 1998

50,840 milesAutomatic-2,500 cc
ABS Airbag+ 2 more

Car price

US $26,004

Total price (C&F)

US $29,439

Toyota Soarer 1992

620,000 milesManual2WD2,500 cc
ABS Alloy Wheels

Car price

US $31,776

Total price (C&F)

US $34,551

Toyota Soarer 1995

96,720 milesManual2WD2,500 cc
A/C Aero Parts+ 8 more

Car price

US $37,918

Total price (C&F)

US $40,680

Toyota Soarer 1994

98,580 milesManual2WD2,500 cc
A/C Aero Parts+ 5 more

Car price

US $30,692

Total price (C&F)

US $33,454

Toyota Soarer 1987

81,840 milesManual2WD2,000 cc

Car price

US $11,341

Total price (C&F)

US $14,116

Toyota Soarer 1986

130,820 milesManual2WD2,000 cc

Car price

US $12,013

Total price (C&F)

US $15,448

Toyota Soarer 1995

35,340 milesManual2WD2,500 cc
A/C ABS+ 8 more

Car price

US $39,724

Total price (C&F)

US $42,486

Toyota Soarer 1994

69,440 milesManual2WD2,500 cc
A/C Aero Parts+ 7 more

Car price

US $37,015

Total price (C&F)

US $39,777

Toyota Soarer 1987

8,060 milesAutomatic2WD2,000 cc
A/C Alloy Wheels+ 2 more

Car price

US $22,376

Total price (C&F)

US $25,151

Toyota Soarer 1985

45,260 milesAutomatic2WD3,000 cc
A/C Alloy Wheels+ 5 more

Car price

US $30,900

Total price (C&F)

US $33,675

Toyota Soarer 1990

55,180 milesOther2WD2,000 cc
A/C Aero Parts+ 7 more

Car price

US $28,354

Total price (C&F)

US $30,834

Toyota Soarer 1982

38,440 milesAutomatic2WD2,800 cc
Alloy Wheels Back Camera+ 3 more

Car price

US $27,675

Total price (C&F)

US $30,450

Toyota Soarer 1982

39,060 milesAutomatic-2,800 cc
Alloy Wheels Power Steering+ 1 more

Car price

US $24,395

Total price (C&F)

US $27,170

Toyota Soarer 1986

16,740 milesManual2WD3,000 cc
A/C Aero Parts+ 15 more

Car price

US $41,228

Total price (C&F)

US $44,663

Toyota Soarer 1989

31,620 milesAutomatic2WD3,000 cc
A/C Cassette+ 4 more

Car price

US $31,942

Total price (C&F)

US $34,464

Toyota Soarer 1997

34,720 milesManual2WD2,500 cc
A/C ABS+ 10 more

Car price

US $41,532

Total price (C&F)

US $44,294
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The Toyota Soarer is a unique and iconic car that has been captivating enthusiasts for decades. It is a car that combines the best of both worlds: Japanese reliability and European luxury.

The Toyota Soarer for sale was first introduced in 1981 and was immediately praised for its sleek and elegant design. The car's long hood, low-slung profile, and retractable headlights gave it a truly sporty appearance.

The Soarer was a relatively expensive car, but it offered buyers a lot of value for their money. It was a car that was both stylish and powerful, and it was also reliable and built to last.

If you are looking for a unique and iconic car, the Toyota Soarer for sale is definitely worth considering. It is a car that is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

JDM Toyota Soarer - A Timeless Classic


The Toyota Soarer is a luxury sports coupe that was produced by Toyota from 1981 to 2005. It was only sold in Japan, but it has gained a cult following around the world for its stylish design, powerful engines, and advanced technology.

The Soarer was available in a variety of body styles, including a two-door coupe, a four-door hardtop coupe, and a convertible. It was powered by a range of inline-six and V8 engines, with the top-of-the-line models producing over 280 horsepower. This made the Soarer one of the fastest Japanese cars on the market at the time.

Toyota Soarer was also equipped with a variety of advanced features for its time, including electronic fuel injection, anti-lock brakes, and traction control. It was also one of the first cars to be offered with a satellite navigation system.

JDM Toyota Soarer was discontinued in 2005, then renamed the Lexus SC in international markets but the used Toyota Soarer remains a popular collector's car. It is known for its reliability, performance, and unique styling.


The Toyota Soarer, a distinguished luxury sports coupe, has evolved through four generations, each showcasing its unique features and advancements.

First Generation (Z1 Series: 1981-1985)

The original Soarer, introduced in 1981, set the standard for future generations with its distinctive design, pop-up headlights, and inline-six engines. It offered a blend of style and performance that was ahead of its time.

Second Generation (Z2 Series: 1986-1991)

The second-generation Soarer arrived in 1986 with a smoother and more aerodynamic design, while retaining the pop-up headlights. This generation saw a shift to V8 engines, emphasizing power and performance while maintaining a focus on luxury and comfort.

Third Generation (Z3 Series: 1991-2000)

The third-generation Soarer, launched in 1991, marked a significant departure in design, with a sleeker and more modern look. It continued to feature powerful V8 engines, while also incorporating electronic and safety features that made it a trendsetter in its era.

Fourth Generation (Z4 Series: 2001-2005)

The fourth-generation Soarer, arriving in 2001, was a culmination of luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology. Its contemporary design retained the V8 engine options, while also emphasizing safety with advanced safety features.


First (Z10)

Second (Z20)

Third (Z30)

Fourth (Z40)

Production Years





Engine Options

2.8L M-TEU I6

2.0L 1G-FE I6,
2.5L 1JZ-GE I6,
3.0L 7M-GE V8

2.5L 1JZ-GE I6,
3.0L 7M-GE V8,
4.0L 1UZ-FE V8

4.3L 3UZ-FE V8


170 hp

160 hp,

180 hp,

200 hp

180 hp,

225 hp,

260 hp

280 hp

Dimmensions (mm)





Wheelbase (mm)






The Toyota Soarer was powered by a diverse range of engines during its production run, from inline-six to V8 configurations, each offering a unique driving experience. The most notable was the 1JZ-GTE, a 2.5L twin-turbo inline-six engine that delivered impressive performance and has become legendary among tuners.

The first generation (Z10) Soarer was powered by a 2.8L M-TEU inline-six engine producing 170 horsepower. The second generation (Z20) added a 3.0L 7M-GE V8 engine producing 200 horsepower.

The third generation (Z30) introduced a new 4.0L 1UZ-FE V8 engine producing 260 horsepower, which remained the flagship engine for the Soarer until its discontinuation.

The fourth generation (Z40) continued to use the 4.0L 1UZ-FE V8 engine, now available in two versions: a 260 horsepower version and a 280 horsepower version.

The Soarer was available with both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive, and featured a variety of performance-enhancing features, such as a limited-slip differential and four-wheel independent suspension.


The Toyota Soarer's exterior design blends elegance and sportiness. Its clean lines, aerodynamic curves, and sleek profile showcase Toyota's design prowess during its era. The pop-up headlights, a distinctive feature of earlier models, added a touch of futurism that was popular in the 1980s.

Over the years, the Soarer's body style has evolved. The early models (Z10, Z20) had a distinctly 1980s look, with angular lines and pop-up headlights. As the Soarer transitioned into the 1990s with the Z30 model, its design language became smoother, more aerodynamic, and more conservative.

The attention to detail and craftsmanship in the JDM Toyota Soarer's exterior design remains a standout feature to this day.


The Soarer's interior was often richly appointed, befitting its status as a luxury coupe. High-quality materials, advanced digital displays, and a focus on driver comfort made it stand out.

Stepping inside the Soarer reveals a well-crafted and plush cabin that exudes luxury. High-quality materials, plush leather seats, and ergonomic design elements create a comfortable and inviting space. The dashboard layout is intuitive, with controls within easy reach of the driver.

In terms of technology, the Soarer was ahead of its time, incorporating features such as a digital instrument cluster, a premium audio system, and climate control. As the years progressed, newer models integrated additional modern amenities, demonstrating Toyota's commitment to providing a luxurious and tech-savvy driving experience.

Handling & Driving

As a luxury sports coupe, the Toyota Soarer was designed to strike a balance between comfort and sporty handling. It may not be as razor-sharp as some dedicated sports cars, but it offers a refined yet spirited drive.

The Soarer was praised for its smooth ride and impressive handling, making it suitable for both spirited driving and long highway cruises. Later models introduced advanced suspension systems and improved aerodynamics, further enhancing its performance capabilities.

The chassis and suspension setup contribute to a nimble and agile ride, allowing the driver to navigate corners with confidence. The responsive power steering provides precise control and enhances the overall driving experience.


You can either buy a Toyota Soarer for sale in the US from local sellers or import one directly from Japan. While buying a car from a local dealer can be convenient, importing a Soarer often allows you to get a higher quality car at a lower price.

On JDM Export, Toyota Soarer prices range from around $10,000 to $30,000. Some of the more desirable Soarer models, such as the 2.5L twin-turbo inline-six (1JZ-GTE) powered models, can command even higher prices.


The Toyota Soarer is a luxurious and high-performance sports coupe that offers a unique combination of comfort, style, and performance. It is a popular choice among enthusiasts and collectors alike for its timeless design, powerful engines, and excellent handling.

If you are looking for a stylish, powerful, and reliable luxury sports coupe, the used Toyota Soarer is a great option. Browse our listings today to find the perfect Toyota Soarer for you!

FAQ about Toyota Soarer

How much does a used Toyota Soarer cost?
The price of Toyota Soarer ranges from $13,720 to $43,708. This doesn’t include the shipping cost to your port.
How to import Toyota Soarer from Japan to the USA?
You can follow these easy steps to purchase a Toyota Soarer from JDM Export and have it imported to your port in the USA.
What are the import taxes for used cars in the USA?
You should expect to pay 2.5% for a passenger car, and 25% for a truck as the tax of foreign-made vehicles imported to the U.S. This is calculated based on the vehicle price.

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