S14 vs S15: What Is The Best Nissan Silvia?

Ken Nakashima
September 16, 2022

If you are into drifting, you probably heard of the name Nissan Silvia – one of the best drift cars with 2 most popular variants: S14 and S15. So what are the differences between the two models and what is the best Nissan Silvia for you? Let’s find out!

Nissan Silvia: What Is It? 

Before starting to find out details about the two models, we will go over some basic knowledge about Nissan Silvia. What is a Nissan Silvia? Nissan Silvia – one of the extremely iconic sports cars of the Japanese brand in the past (also known as 200SX or Gazelle).

Silvia was used by the firm to denote the evolution of their tiny rear-wheel drive automobile line. The numbers indicate the generation it belonged to. Although the last Nissan Silvia generations were discontinued, they still exist and are popular with drift fans.

Nissan had a sort of little sports car called the Z but it was getting more expensive yearly. As a result, S models were produced, starting with the S10 model in 1964. Followed by models: S12, S13, S14, and S15-the last generation of Nissan Silvia.

All these models also have the highlight features like being designed to be the lighter and less expensive automobiles that Nissan desired and the rest of the world needed. However, in this topic, we will discuss the latest models of Salvia S14 and S15, and we are sure you have seen the silhouettes of these 2 models in the legendary movie called Fast and Furious. 

Nissan Silvia S14: Everything You Need To Know

Silvia S14 would debut in Japan in late 1993 and the rest of the world would get it in 1994. Drifting became more simple as this car grew broader, lower, and had a long wheelbase.

There are two different non-pop-up headlight periods and styling. S14 is rated as its own unique taste by many racers. The Silvia S14’s original intent to be an affordable and lightweight sports car is no longer what defines it, instead being changed by the platform’s tendency to easily drift for racers.

how much does a s14 cost
How much does an S14 cost?(Photo: pinterest.com)

What made S14 different compared to old models?

Nissan Silvia S14 was made from 1993 to 1998 and it brought a lot of modern improvements to the S chassis platform. The interior is one of the big upgrades with the dash and much modern equipment, and it feels like this car comes from the early 2000s versus the mid-90s as its history. S14 did a facelift so it makes the car a little bit more aggressive. 

  • The S14 has some really cool touches that make it really unique compared to other cars on the street. It was designed with blended-in tail lights into the rear trunk of the car. Just little changes, the Nissan engineer has developed and put onto this car make it so special. 
  • The biggest difference between S14 and S13 engines is that S14 owns a variable valve for the intake side and the S13’s SR20 engine doesn’t have that. Another unique part is there is a slant at the back or usually known as a “broken back” and only the S14 and S15 engines have this sort of uniqueness. However, the S14 form kept the SR-20 motor. 
  • The wheelbase of the S14 is much longer compared to the S13/180sx hence the stability of high-speed cornering should be much better than the old models. 
  • Many drivers said that: despite running on economical street tires, Silvia S14 doesn’t have weird under or oversteer characteristics, and the suspension setup on this model is pretty good.

5 things drivers don’t like about Nissan Silvia S14

  • The first thing and probably the most obvious thing If you own a 240 or an S14 is the crack dash. A lot of drivers said that the car will be much better if it doesn’t have cracks. 
  • When driving this car, sometimes you will hear the freaking tin can, especially when you go over the slightest bumper or rattles. What are the reasons behind this? As we know, some of these Silvia S14 has reached 20 years old or more. The result is that the turbocharger can be a bit damaged. Faulty turbochargers can also cause the vehicle to make a very loud sound when idling.
  • If you want to upgrade coolers, turbos, clutches, brakes, and exhaust on your Silvia S14, we’re sorry to say that standard changes are difficult to replace and as long as the modifications are done one by one professionally they won’t cause trouble.
  • Although the engine of the S14 is rated as a strong one, it can easily wear out the camshaft when you accelerate and it will be more serious if you ignore the job: changing the oil regularly. 
  • The last disadvantage of this car is the space inside the S14 in the cabin itself. It makes many drivers get in and out of the car, especially when they are in uniform. Drivers always try to avoid hitting the plastic because nobody wants to have scuffs or scratches in the car.

How much does a S14 cost?

Lightweight, rear-wheel drive, neat design, and small but powerful engine are the factors that make the car “drifter” prefer the Nissan Silvia S14. But the question is: How much is a Nissan Silvia S14? The price of the Nissan Silvia S14 will vary depending on the year of manufacture, the level of equipment of the vehicle, and some other conditions.

In the used car market you can find cars that are tuned and ready to race or drift. To have a better overview of the price of this car, we categorize used cars and new or modified cars. For used S14 models, prices can vary from $4500 to $10000 (mint cars). Modified models such as changes in engines and suspension systems, make Silvia S14 a cheaper performance machine. The costs to buy this model will range from $2000 to $8000. 

The Truths About Nissan Silvia S15

Silvia S15 – The last S-chassis of the Nissan, and was the most modern version of any chassis. Launched in the early 2000s and also the last generation of Nissan Silvia, the S15 is one of the more popular choices among drift enthusiasts. Sleek style and effective engine make Silvia become a favorite car for any racers. Let’s go into the details of this model to see what outstanding features it has compared to the S14. 

S14 vs S15
S14 vs S15: What’s your option? (Photo: pinterest.com)

Some highlights of the Silvia S15

  • The exterior has more aggressive styling and sharp lines. We can’t deny the nice profile and sports low hood line of the S15. With integrated LED daytime running lights and large headlights. The grille is wide and has a chrome border. The taillights are round and have LED lights. The wheels are 16-inch aluminum alloy.
  • Not only has an eye-catching exterior, but the interior was also the most modern with enjoyable seats and a spacious trunk. Nissan mechanics designed the driving position more ergonomically which could help drivers control faster. And reduce fatigue when driving due to the comfortable seating posture. In addition, the S15 interior is also equipped with modern components such as: a rearview camera, cruise control, Bluetooth connection, and navigation system (for higher versions).
  • The motor of Silvia S15 is the best version of SR20, equipped with a 4-cylinder V6 engine with power from the rear-wheel drive system producing 170 horsepower. The S15 achieves the highest performance when driving. This engine is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission. The suspension includes MacPherson struts up front and multi-link independent rear suspension. The braking system includes ventilated disc brakes.
  • The suspension is also remarkable. The chassis of the machine is characterized by an independent spring suspension, and for all wheels. In the manufacturing process, these important parts use light alloys, so it works out quite strong, but not heavy.
  • When it comes to the S15, it is impossible not to mention the safety features of this model. The manufacturers designed Silvia with ABS brakes, and control systems like traction and stability control. And the highlight is the electric brake force distribution system which helps the brake process produce more performance. 

How much does a Nissan Silvia S15 cost?

Price is one of the topics that many people are interested in when deciding to buy the Silvia S15. Of course, the cost varies depending on the year of manufacture and other factors. However, in general, the price will range from $4500 to $14000. 

S14 vs S15: What Is The Best Nissan Silvia?

Based on the above analysis, we can see that it is very difficult to make the perfect choice between the two models. However, in terms of exterior, when compared to the S14. It is safe to say that the S15 is a car with the best visuals and its looks are sure to stand the test of time. 

However, if you have some limits on your budget. The S15 is not a good option for you when considering the price compared to Silvia S14. The price of this model is starting to absolutely skyrocket right now. Because they are getting closer to coming over to the United States with a 25-year import rule. You can bring or import an S14 or S13 to the US right now. But if you want to have the Silvia S15, at least you have to wait until 2024 to own this stunning model.

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