What Are The Common Issues With Honda Acty Trucks?

Ken Nakashima
March 7, 2023

Talking about Japanese mini trucks or Kei trucks, we can’t help but mention Honda Acty. They are listed among the best-selling trucks compared to other brands: Mitsubishi Minicab, Suzuki Carry, or Subaru Sambar…

We can’t deny the high quality and performance of these vehicles, but very few machines are built with absolute perfection and the Honda Acty is no exception. In this article, we will share with you what are the common issues with Honda Acty trucks.

What Are Common Issues With Honda Acty Trucks?

Honda Acty included a series of minivans and trucks that was launched by the top automaker Honda in 1977. Ever since then, Honda Acty has been known as a small but strong and versatile vehicle that was built for the country road.

However, during use, drivers have complained about some problems they have experienced, especially those that usually happen in old models of Honda Acty. There are several issues you may want to pay attention to:

honda acty mini truck
Honda Acty Mini Trucks are listed among the best-selling trucks compared to other brands (Photo:pinterest.com)

Timing belt problems

Weak timing belts are the most common issue in Honda Acty although this problem can happen across other automakers, for Honda Acty models, the problem of timing belts is responded to at a high rate.

Simply put, a timing belt synchronizes the movements of the components: the crankshaft and camshaft. Specifically, when the engine runs and the valves open and close at the approximate time during the cylinder’s intake and exhaust strokes. This is especially important in a so-called interference engine where the timing belt is critical to preventing the piston from sticking valves. 

These toothed belts are usually made of rubber so they are lighter and more efficient than timing chains which are made from steel. But the downside of Acty timing belts is that they wear out more quickly and are not durable. 

To avoid this problem we recommend the replacement of the timing belt package as early as 30000 miles. As with most maintenance parts on your car, it’s best to check the user’s manual to know the recommendation when it’s appropriate time to change the timing belts.

Grinding gear shift

The second problem you can easily experience when driving a Honda Acty is the gear grinding problem. This problem mostly occurs with the Honda Acty manual transmission.

Grinding gear shift stems from your wheel speed and engine are not on the same rhythm. This speed mismatch can cause a very annoying grind. The main reason could probably be due to the clutch when it does not completely disengage from the engine while the gears are still rotating. In addition, there are some other causes like: 

  • Low transmission fluid
  • Torque converter problems
  • Gear system damage 
  • Bad driving habits

To avoid this grinding sound, you can use a synchronization ring to effectively match these speeds. But if you hear a grinding gear, it could mean the part isn’t working properly and you should add the transmission fluid.

honda acty top speed
Honda Acty has been known as a small but strong and versatile vehicle that was built for the country road (Photo:pinterest.com)

Starting problems

Honda Acty won’t start or has no power which can be a concerning problem for many drivers. The main culprit can be the car battery. This is the electrically charged part in the car, the drop in charge is the main cause of affecting the engine, causing it not to start. This usually happens when the engine is off, but some electronic devices still have to use a small amount of electricity to operate or store information. 

No spark When you push the start button on Honda Acty but the car does not start, the cause may be a faulty spark plug or ignition. In addition,  it needs to happen at the right time and carry enough voltage for the car to operate, besides that some drivers say they are driving an Acty on the road and suddenly the car is off. In this situation, you should get your car to check the spark plug and ignition system.

Expect rust issues

It is one of the downsides which loses the point of Honda Acty in the view of consumers. These cars are very susceptible to rust over time. If you own an old Honda Acty, you will notice the spot spreading on your mini truck.

When parked outdoors usually, your car is exposed to rainwater or many other factors that cause the chassis, body, or engine to rust, affecting the lifespan of the Honda Acty. 

Cleaning the car regularly and periodically is an effective way to prevent car rust, cleaning the entire surface of the car – locations prone to oxidation and corrosion. Rainwater, mud, and sediment for a long time will cause the car to rust quickly.

After each rain, moving the dirt road back, the drivers should take the car to wash. In addition, we should also use a cover or the front of the car in a dry place, avoiding contact with moisture and water.

Closing Thoughts

There are 4 common problems that a lot of drivers have shared on the social platform when driving a Honda Acty.

When you buy a new Honda Acty, especially a used Acty, don’t forget to check the details of all of the issues to get the best car because there is always better to be safer than sorry.

Hopefully, our article will be somehow useful for you and don’t forget to follow other topics about Honda Acty.

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