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Honda Integra 1991

173,786 milesManual2WD1,600 cc
No Accidents Power Steering+ 2 more

Car price

US $10,752

Total price (C&F)

US $12,859

Honda Integra 1988

58,280 milesManual2WD1,600 cc
Alloy Wheels ETC

Car price

US $10,791

Total price (C&F)

US $13,326

Honda Integra 1992

66,340 milesManual-1,600 cc
ABS Power Steering+ 1 more

Car price

US $15,322

Total price (C&F)

US $18,457

Honda Integra 1997

24,180 milesManual2WD1,800 cc
A/C ABS+ 7 more

Car price

US $37,235

Total price (C&F)

US $39,330

Honda Integra 1998

77,500 milesManual-1,800 cc
Aero Parts Lowered Down+ 3 more

Car price

US $29,037

Total price (C&F)

US $31,572

Honda Integra 1998

32,860 milesManual2WD1,800 cc
Airbag Alloy Wheels+ 1 more

Car price

US $31,217

Total price (C&F)

US $33,752

Honda Integra 1997

111,600 milesManual-1,800 cc
A/C Aero Parts+ 6 more

Car price

US $14,138

Total price (C&F)

US $16,673

Honda Integra 1998

60,140 milesManual2WD1,800 cc
ABS Aero Parts+ 11 more

Car price

US $25,160

Total price (C&F)

US $27,269

Honda Integra 1989

73,780 milesManual2WD1,600 cc

Car price

US $7,610

Total price (C&F)

US $10,745

Honda Integra 1989

80,600 milesManual2WD1,600 cc

Car price

US $5,825

Total price (C&F)

US $8,960

Honda Integra 1998

32,860 milesManual-1,800 cc
A/C Airbag+ 5 more

Car price

US $31,217

Total price (C&F)

US $33,312

Honda Integra 1998

90,706 milesManual-1,800 cc
A/C Alloy Wheels+ 3 more

Car price

US $18,177

Total price (C&F)

US $20,308

Honda Integra 1993

57,660 milesManual2WD1,600 cc

Car price

US $6,369

Total price (C&F)

US $9,504

Honda Integra 1996

31,000 milesAutomatic2WD1,600 cc
ETC One Owner+ 2 more

Car price

US $6,688

Total price (C&F)

US $8,805

Honda Integra 1996

86,180 milesOther-2,000 cc

Car price

US $16,172

Total price (C&F)

US $18,507

Honda Integra 1996

151,280 milesManual-1,800 cc
Power Steering Power Window

Car price

US $8,836

Total price (C&F)

US $11,371

Honda Integra 1998

67,580 milesManual-1,800 cc
Power Steering Power Window

Car price

US $10,775

Total price (C&F)

US $13,310

Honda Integra 1998

- milesManual-1,800 cc
A/C Aero Parts+ 12 more

Car price

US $14,772

Total price (C&F)

US $17,307
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Honda, a brand synonymous with engineering excellence, unveiled the Integra Type R in 1995, primarily for the Japanese domestic market. The Honda Integra Type R is a revered vehicle among car enthusiasts, especially those who appreciate the golden era of Japanese sports cars from the '90s. What made the Integra Type R stand apart from its siblings was its performance, design, and the meticulous attention to detail in its craftsmanship.

The Honda Integra Type R: A JDM Legend


The Honda Integra for sale, known as the Acura Integra in North America, is a well-regarded sport compact car. But the Type R variant is a different beast altogether. It's a testament to Honda's racing heritage, with numerous enhancements that elevate its performance above the standard model.

The Integra Type R was built on a solid foundation: the third-generation (codenamed DC2) Integra. It inherited the DC2's beautiful design, all-double-wishbone suspension, and high-tech 1.8L VTEC engine. But in creating the Type R, Honda applied a lot of racing know-how and produced it in a labor-intensive way. As a result, the Integra Type R was the closest thing to a race car in Honda's lineup, and it outperformed other affordable coupes of the time.

In 1995, Honda introduced the first Integra Type R to the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM). Throughout its production run, the Integra Type R was highly regarded for its handling and performance, and it is widely regarded as one of the best front-wheel-drive cars of all time.


Specifications of Honda ntegra Type R DC2




Integra Type R (DC2)






Front-engined, FWD

Compression Ratio




Riding Capacity



1.8-liter DOHC VTEC in-line 4-cylinder (B18C)

Maximum Power

147 kW (200 PS) at 8000 rpm


5-speed manual


1100 kg


4380 mm x 1695 mm x 1330 mm


2570 mm

0-62 mph

6.5 seconds

Top speed

145 mph


Under the hood, the JDM Integra Type R was powered by a naturally aspirated 1.8L DOHC VTEC inline-four (B18C) engine. The Integra Type R's engine was a masterpiece of engineering. This hand-built masterpiece employed a variety of racing components, including forged aluminum pistons, lightweight connecting rods, a stiffer crankshaft, lightweight intake valves, and hand-polished intake ports. High-precision tuning allowed for a very high 11.1 compression ratio, higher valve lift, and faster cam timing. Larger intake manifolds and smoother exhaust pipe welding enhanced breathing efficiency.

Power was sent to the front wheels through a close-ratio 5-speed manual transmission and a helical-type limited-slip differential, giving the Type R a significant edge over the GS-R/Si/SiR-G variants of the Integra in terms of performance.

What distinguished the Type R from the rest of the Integra lineup was its relentless focus on performance. Powered by the legendary B18C VTEC engine, the JDM Integra Type R boasted around 200 horsepower, which was impressive given the car's compact size and light weight. The high-revving nature of this engine was a joy for enthusiasts, with its redline reaching an exhilarating 8,600 rpm.

Chassis & Weight Reduction

What really set the Honda Integra Type R apart was its chassis, which was both lightweight and incredibly stiff. Honda went to great lengths to ensure that the Integra Type R was not only powerful, but also agile and responsive. The chassis was significantly reinforced with additional spot welds, thicker metal in critical areas like the rear shock towers and lower subframe, and larger strut tower bars, rear performance rods, and numerous body reinforcements. The Type R also had revised springs and dampers, as well as larger sway bars.

These modifications, along with other changes like a 10 percent thinner windscreen and lighter wheels, were aimed at weight reduction. The Japanese version of the Type R managed to shave off significant weight compared to the SiR Integra. The focus of the Type R was to minimize weight while enhancing rigidity, resulting in a car that was truly race car-like on the road.

Driving Experience

The Integra Type R was a true performance icon, designed to thrill enthusiasts with its razor-sharp handling, responsive engine, and exhilarating driving experience.

With its stiffened body structure, reduced weight, helical limited-slip differential, and recalibrated suspension, the The Integra Type R offered nimble handling that allowed it to tackle corners with precision and confidence. The car had super-sharp handling, strong grip, and no torque steer at all.

Ride quality was surprisingly forgiving, so it loved to be exploited no matter if you were on a glass-smooth highway or winding back roads. Its high-revving engine was addictive to use, and the slick and precise gearshift was a joy to operate. Few cars in history achieved such a high level of precision and entertaining character at the same time.

Interior & Exterior

The Honda Integra Type R for sale was a head-turner, with a sporty design that featured a unique front lip, rear spoiler, and lightweight alloy wheels. These enhancements not only improved the car's aesthetics, but also its aerodynamics and cooling. The Championship White paint, often associated with the JDM version, has become iconic and is synonymous with Honda's Type R lineage.

Inside, the Type R carried forward its sporty ethos with Recaro seats, a titanium shift knob, and a Type R badge on the center console. While creature comforts were minimized in line with the car's performance orientation, the quality was unmistakably Honda - everything felt solid and well-assembled.


Honda is known for building reliable cars, and the Integra Type R is no exception. Even though it's a performance-oriented vehicle, with regular maintenance, it remains a dependable machine. The engine, despite its high-revving nature, is robust and can withstand the rigors of spirited driving.

Tuning Potential

The Integra Type R is a favorite among car enthusiasts, and it has a massive aftermarket following. From engine mods to suspension upgrades, there's a plethora of options available to enhance its performance even further. Its B18C engine, in particular, is known to respond well to modifications.


The JDM Honda Integra Type R set the benchmark in the sport compact segment. Even today, it's revered for its raw, unadulterated driving experience. In many ways, it embodies the essence of Honda's "VTEC just kicked in" culture, making it a sought-after classic among JDM enthusiasts.

Honda Integra Type R Price

The price of a JDM Honda Integra Type R (1995-1998) varies depending on its condition, mileage, and rarity. However, in general, these cars are highly sought-after by collectors and enthusiasts, and prices have been steadily rising in recent years.

On JDM Export, the average sale price for a JDM Honda Integra Type R (1995-1998) is USD $15,000-$20,000. However, some cars in excellent condition have sold for significantly more, with prices reaching into the $40,000-$50,000 range.

Here are some factors that can affect the price of a JDM Honda Integra Type R (1995-1998):

  • Condition: The overall condition of the car is the most important factor affecting its price. Cars in excellent condition with low mileage will command the highest prices.
  • Mileage: Lower mileage cars are generally more valuable than higher mileage cars.
  • Rarity: The JDM Integra Type R was a limited-production car, so certain models, such as the 1998 Spec R, are more rare and valuable than others.
  • Modifications: Cars that have been modified with aftermarket parts may be less valuable to collectors. However, some modifications, such as performance upgrades, can increase the value of the car to certain buyers.

If you're considering buying a JDM Honda Integra Type R (1995-1998), it's important to do your research. You can either find a reputable seller in the US or import a right-hand-drive Integra directly from Japan. Importing RHD Integra for sale can give you access to a wider selection of cars and better prices. These cars can be expensive to purchase and maintain, so it's important to buy one in good condition.

What Made the Integra Type R So Secial?

The Integra Type R is a truly iconic car, and it is one of the most beloved Japanese sports cars of all time. It is a testament to Honda's engineering prowess and its commitment to producing high-performance vehicles.

  • It was one of the first front-wheel drive cars to be truly competitive with rear-wheel drive sports cars.
  • It was incredibly well-balanced and handled like a dream.
  • The engine was high-revving and produced a symphony of a soundtrack.
  • The interior was stripped-down and focused on performance, but it was still comfortable enough for everyday driving.
  • It was a limited-production car, making it even more desirable to collectors.


The JDM Honda Integra Type R is more than just a sporty version of a compact car; it's a testament to Honda's engineering prowess and passion for motorsports. Its balanced approach to performance, emphasizing not just power but also handling, braking, and overall driving dynamics, makes it a truly special car.

For those lucky enough to own or drive one, the Integra Type R offers a visceral driving experience that few modern cars can replicate. Its high-revving engine, responsive steering, and nimble handling make it a joy to push through the corners on a winding road.

FAQ about Honda Integra

How much does a used Honda Integra cost?
The price of Honda Integra ranges from $9,534 to $45,527. This doesn’t include the shipping cost to your port.
How to import Honda Integra from Japan to the USA?
You can follow these easy steps to purchase a Honda Integra from JDM Export and have it imported to your port in the USA.
What are the import taxes for used cars in the USA?
You should expect to pay 2.5% for a passenger car, and 25% for a truck as the tax of foreign-made vehicles imported to the U.S. This is calculated based on the vehicle price.

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