Things To Know Before Buying A Honda Acty!

March 7, 2023

In today’s article, we will go over things to look for or consider if you like buying a Honda Acty. Make sure that you will have a little background to make the right decision before owning a Honda Acty.

A Little Backstory Of A Honda Acty

honda acty for sale usa
A Honda Acty for sale in the USA can be legally imported If you have enough documents. (

Produced from 1977 to 2021 by a famous automaker from Japan – Honda. Honda Acty is known for its two classes of micro vans and Kei trucks.

In the first stage, Honda Acty was designed for only the domestic market but gradually, it became popular due to its small size and engine capacity. Up to now, Honda Acty has gone through 4 generations with many models and features. 

  • Starting from the first generation in the 1970s (1977-1988). The model series at that time were: TB, VD, VH, or TA…
  • The second generation (1988-1999) starts with some models: HA1, HH1, and HH2…In that period, there are about 18 variants developed, each offering a distinct feature and capability. Honda completely redesigned the Acty trucks and vans for the 1988 model year. New models received a new upgraded E05A, 550cc, and three-cylinder engine. In 1990, the engines of Honda Acty were upgraded again to receive a larger and more powerful E07Z, 656cc, and a three-cylinder engine. 
  • 1999-2009: Honda focuses on producing Van models (HA7, HH5, and HH6) with E07Z engines and has remained until 2021.
  • In the fourth generation (starting 2009), Honda introduced a series of trucks on the market.  It continues to use the E07Z engine of its predecessor model and Vans.

5 Things To Know Before Buying A Honda Acty

Before making a decision to buy a Honda Acty, make sure you know these 5 truths: 

Car engine

Honda Acty uses 2 types of engines: EO5A and upgraded version E07Z. EO5A is a three-cylinder engine (gasoline) making 35 HP at 6500 RPM and 33lb, 44 N.m at 5200 RPM. While EO7Z gasoline with a 12-valve making 53 PS (39 kW; 52 hp) at 7,000 rpm and 6.2 kg⋅m (61 N⋅m; 45 kW) of torque lb-ft at 4,000 rpm (4WD models) and a top speed between 50-70 MPH.

The new models of Honda Acty are mainly using this engine. Although a Honda Acty engine doesn’t have a lot of power (about 60 miles per hour). If you do a daily drive of your van or truck on the highway, the speed of 65-70 miles per hour is ideal and many owners share that they feel very comfortable at these speeds. 

Honda Acty price

We think this is one of the important things that many drivers want to know when buying a Honda Acty. So how much does a Honda Acty cost? The average price to have an Acty will range from $4000 to $24000 based on the trim level you buy.

Honda Acty was sold for models from 1977 to 2021. Honda’s purpose was to design the Acty to be a durable and reliable vehicle at an affordable price. Compared to other brands, these prices can be very suitable for your budget.

Can you have a Honda Acty legal in the US?

honda acty price
The average price to have an Acty will range from $4000 to $24000 based on the trim level you buy. (

Many drivers wonder whether they can buy a Honda Acty If they live in the US. “Yes, absolutely” You just need that your car pass the 25-year rule, and you can drive an Acty to all the streets of the US. 

A Honda Acty for sale in the USA can be legally imported if you have enough documents. Make sure you read carefully all of the import processes from the US Customs website or talk to a local professional dealer to get your car registered and cleared.


One of the disadvantages when talking about the Honda Acty is the safety problem. For new models (from the 2000s until now), there aren’t many issues and safety has been improved.

However, if you are planning to buy the second generation Acty (1988 – 1999), you should consider some problems related to safety like airbags, seatbelts, and other vital safety parts.

So you need to note that if you are in the US, even if your car meets the 25-years rule to be legally imported, you still should know about the downsides before buying this car. Besides, these old models will be a little challenging for you when driving on the highway because they could not meet your requirement for speed due to the air and wind resistance.

Right-hand drive

One of the cool features of the Honda Acty is its right-hand drive. And shifting with your left hand can be remarkably easy. The right-hand drive will make it easy to parallel parking and get out of your car because the driver can get off from the edge of the curb or sidewalk.

Of course, it could have some disadvantages as approximately 75% of the world drives on the left. But anyway, the right-hand drive can give you a fresh experience when driving your car. 

Final Thoughts

Highly adaptable and the numerous body styles, we think that Honda Acty can be a durable vehicle for any driver.

Hopefully, the information you read in our article will help you to give the best decision when buying a Honda Acty.

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