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FAQ about Suzuki Jimny 1000

How much does a used Suzuki Jimny 1000 cost?
The price of Suzuki Jimny 1000 ranges from $3,667 to $21,953. This doesn’t include the shipping cost to your port.
How to import Suzuki Jimny 1000 from Japan to the USA?
You can follow these easy steps to purchase a Suzuki Jimny 1000 from JDM Export and have it imported to your port in the USA.
What are the import taxes for used cars in the USA?
You should expect to pay 2.5% for a passenger car, and 25% for a truck as the tax of foreign-made vehicles imported to the U.S. This is calculated based on the vehicle price.

User reviews on Suzuki Jimny 1000

Sean  avatar
Sean flagUSA
Verified Buyer
Nice response time.
Louis Bishop avatar
Louis BishopflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Ken is very interested in helping me find the best car for my needs
glenn moncata avatar
glenn moncataflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Joseph Kim avatar
Joseph KimflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Prompt response and adequate useful information
Benjamin Sloma avatar
Benjamin SlomaflagUSA
Verified Buyer
I am happy woth the service I received. I became disinterested in the vehicle due to its lack of highway speeds. No other reason. I am still looking for the right vehicle.
Dirk Woods avatar
Dirk WoodsflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Hi Jun, I am pleased to share the attached photos of the '97 Jimny. It was customs cleared for pick up in only 24 hours from time of arrival. Today was my first available day to retrieve the car from the port. Our home is only 1 hour away from th... See more
After Delivery Pictures
Araceli Flores avatar
Araceli FloresflagUSA
Verified Buyer
The stocka nd quality of cars was so great ! The option that was literally so perfect for me sold out quicker than i could act on it, therefore i was unable to purchase. But the service was so great other than that !
Grant Bloomquist  avatar
Grant Bloomquist flagUSA
Verified Buyer
mike wilcox avatar
mike wilcoxflagUSA
Verified Buyer
it would be nice if the US government allowed more recent models to be imported into the US.
Jody  avatar
Jody flagUSA
Verified Buyer
Great selection of vehicles to. House from and quick responding staff.
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