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Suzuki Every 1998

71,238 milesManual4WD660 cc
A/C Power Steering

Car price

US $2,100

Total price (C&F)

US $4,167

Suzuki Every 1998

76,012 milesAutomatic2WD660 cc
A/C AM/FM+ 6 more

Suzuki Every 1998

52,204 milesManual4WD660 cc
A/C AM/FM+ 5 more

Suzuki Every 1998

72,975.24 milesAutomatic2WD660 cc
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FAQ about Suzuki Every 1998

How much does a used Suzuki Every 1998 cost?
The price of Suzuki Every 1998 is around $3,588. This doesn’t include the shipping cost to your port.
How to import Suzuki Every 1998 from Japan to the USA?
You can follow these easy steps to purchase a Suzuki Every 1998 from JDM Export and have it imported to your port in the USA.
What are the import taxes for used cars in the USA?
You should expect to pay 2.5% for a passenger car, and 25% for a truck as the tax of foreign-made vehicles imported to the U.S. This is calculated based on the vehicle price.

User reviews on Suzuki Every 1998

Michael Sassin avatar
Michael SassinflagUSA
Verified Buyer
While I'm completely satisfied with the vehicle I eventually purchased, I was especially appreciative of the comments from Jun @ Mitsui regarding the condition of certain cars I had inquired about. Also, it's been fun to begin the process of restorat... See more
After Delivery Pictures
Robert Hunter Kent avatar
Robert Hunter KentflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Good day Yoshi, I hope all has been well with you. We have received the vehicle and everything was smooth getting it to Atlanta, so thank you for your assistance to make this process very easy!
henry charlton avatar
henry charltonflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Great service
Matt suryan avatar
Matt suryanflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Good way to learn how to import
Joseph Kim avatar
Joseph KimflagUSA
Verified Buyer
It was a pleasant experience.
william cunningham avatar
william cunninghamflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Will definately be buying from here again. Very informative, and great service!
Lance The Gamer avatar
Lance The GamerflagUSA
Verified Buyer
Very helpful along the process
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